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Guests will tell you there is something very special about being served a pizza or other food freshly made in a Two Queens mobile woodfired oven.
That’s because Two Queens owners, Jules and Izabel, aren’t just caterers; they genuinely enjoy doing what they do best – delivering a friendly personal service and producing food so delicious that it has guests coming back for more.

Jules and Izabel recently brushed up on the latest in pizza ideas at a course in Italy, and came back from Europe and the USA with fresh mobile food ideas that are sure to become a talking point in Perth.

Two Queens can cater everything from gourmet dinners, birthday celebrations and weddings to executive lunches and 500-head corporate functions be it in your Perth backyard, the beach, a park, a factory or as far afield as Ballingup or Brigadoon. If required, they can put on fun things for the kids.

They have the catering equipment and variety of food that allows them to set up a mini market if required. In addition, Jules and Izabel can introduce something different to your corporate or private function, such as running fun workshops or demonstrations showing people how to make the perfect pizza, for example.

Most importantly – no matter what the function – they’ll do it all for you anywhere, anytime with a minimum of hassle and at a price that tastes like real value. And the staff who’ll come out and do it for you are highly experienced and up to speed on the responsible service of alcohol.

Two Queens is the result of bringing together the skills of Jules Grace Colson, a former executive chef who has been in the business for 36 years, and Izabel Marchese, who has seven years of experience in catering including involvement in mobile catering.

And another thing. Two Queens is accredited to Health Wise and has a strong focus on cooking fresh local produce. They also have considerable experience in halal and organic foods.

Jules and Izabel

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